Swing Lyons

The Swing Lyons play danceable swing music in Gypsy Style – in the Munich tradition of the first US Army jazz clubs after 1945 and the swing music of AFN Bayern, which broadcasted this sound daily under the motto ”Bouncing in Bavaria”. The Swing Lyons manage to transport the freshness and joy of the wildest dance music from this era. The band has been around for eight years, consisting of Münchner and French people from Lyon who were stranded on the Isar.

Guitars, bass, drums, violin, saxophone and vocals, swing, blues and jazz from the 20s to 50s.

Mentis Swing

One chilly winter sunday noon there were 6 talented young jazz musicians, 10 swing dance addicts and 1 crate of local Bavarian beer, thrown into a cozy living room. No one knows what exactly happened there but after some shakin’, swinging and a lot of jamming all of a sudden MENTIS SWING was born. 
Since then the sextet turns their mission into reality and travels through Munich bars and dance floors to live what they believe in: music and dance are ONE.

Green Ties Jazz Orchestra

The versatile Munich Big Band, the Green Ties Jazz Orchestra under the Direction of Musical Director and Lead Alto Sax Player Stefan Eger, has started to develop a dance program for Lindy Hop dancers. The spark jumps from the musicians to the dancers and also from the Dancers back to the musicians. The 17 girls and guys of the band let the walls wobble and the feet of the dancers fly !!! Swing Swing Swing !! The Green Ties Jazz Orchestra is the hottest ballroom big band in town and will play for us on Friday evening at the “Onstage” of the Swing and the city dancing school.

SJE Big Band

The SJE Bigband will play for us on Satuday evening. More information about this fabolous big band will follow soon.

Bavarian Bands

The other bavarian band that will play at the “Bouncing in Bavaria” will be announced soon. Stay excited!