The Munich Lindy Exchange is happening during the world famous Oktoberfest which means it’s really hard to get a hotel room. We are trying to get all out-of-town dancers hosted by local Munich dancers. Spots with our lovely Munich hosts will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis.

Guests – I am looking for a place to stay

We organize an accomondation for you by local Munich dancers. Should we not be able to provide you with a host we will let you know as soon as possible so you can start looking for a hotel or hostel yourself. But in the past years the balance of hosts and guest played out well. Nobody had to sleep under the Isar bridges. 😉

During registration, you can chose whether you need hosting or not. As you can only register for one person at a time, you can only request hosting for one person. The hosting offer is for the four nights of the Munich Lindy Exchange – Thursday through Monday. However, should you arrive early for the pre-party, talk to your host well in advance and ask if they can host you for four nights. Most hosts will happily do so if you ask nice enough, but if for some reason or another they are unable to do so, we can and will not force them to do it.

Locals – I would offer a place to stay

You like to spare room, bed, couch, matress or army cot? That’s fantastic!

Please write an Email to Erich our hosting coordinator:

He will contact you as soon as possible to get more information from you:  How many people can you host? Do you have preferences about hosting leads or follows only? Where in Munich do you live?

After this information is collected, we will try to make a perfect match between international our guests and local hosts. You should try to make contact well in advance to find out travel arrangements and to let them know what they need to bring (matress, sleeping bag, etc.).