Monday: Chill Out Breakfast & After Party

For those of you who stay on in Munich we are meeting for breakfast at the Mariandl, one of Munichs‘ oldest und most beautiful art deco cafe’s. They even have a piano there and we will organise a piano player to play some swing tunes for us 🙂

We also have an After-Party for you Monday night. You already have been to our studio – the OnStage at the Kultfabrik. The After Party is also in the Kultfabrik – only 50 meters closer to the entrance in the Nachtkantine and starts at 9:00pm going till midnight. Entrance to the party is free and there is a special pizza night also for 3,50€ for a margarita or +1€ for each topping.


Venue Breakfast: Mariandl
Adress: Goethestr. 51 (Public T:ransport: Goetheplatz)
Time: 11:00am – 03:00pm
Admission: free


Venue Party: Nachtkantine
Adress: Grafingerstr. 6 (Public T:ransport: Ostbahnhof)
Time: 21:00am – 12:00pm
Admission: free