Theater DrehleierFor the Munich Lindy Exchange, we will offer three kinds of packages:
Full Package, Late Package and Evening Package.
* The Full Package will include every event from Thursday night until Sunday night.
* The Late Package will include every event from Friday night until Sunday night.
* The Evening Package will include the four main evening parties.
In case the Oktoberfest will sell out (which is a very realistic possibility), we will offer a Full Package without Oktoberfest – but only then. Until it sells out, we will only sell Full, Late and Evening Packages.



The prices for the packages are:

Package type

Early Bird Price
(until May 1st, 2017)

Normal Price
Full Package

100 Euros

110 Euros
Full Package
(without Oktoberfest)

75 Euros

80 Euros
Late Package

85 Euros

90 Euros
Evening Package

55 Euros

60 Euros

Bouncing in BavariaPre- and After-Parties

We are currently planning on offering an After-Party on Monday at the Nachtkantine (Grafinger Strasse 6). Admission is FREE!

Individual tickets

We will not sell individual tickets in advance online. However, we will sell tickets at the door for every event except the Oktoberfest – this can only be bought with the Full or Late Package. Of course, buying indivdual tickets will be more expensive than buying a package.

The individual ticket prices are:

Admission Fee
Thursday Party

15 Euros
Sightseeing Trip

10 Euros
Friday Party

20 Euros
Swing Lunch

10 Euros
Saturday Party

20 Euros
Oktoberfest / Wies’n – Beer Festival
incl. 2 Liters of beer and a meal!

35 Euros
Sunday Party

10 Euros
Monday Party