16th Munich Lindy Exchange – September 20 – 23, 2018

Practical Stuff

Getting around in Munich

Munich has a good pubic transportation system. And it is easy to use. You just enter your start and end address and the system gives you the nearest options for underground, bus and tram.

Just use the QR-code to download the app from the Munich public transportational services in the app store or Google play store. It is available in English, German and Bavarian. 😉

If you need infos about tickets please visit the homepage: https://www.mvg.de/en.html





As we celebrate the Munich Lindy Exchange during the time of Oktoberfest the city is usually full and expensive! Therefor we organize local dancers who host the guests of our Exchange. In the past years the balance of hosts and guest played out well. Nobody had to sleep under the Isar bridges.