Bands and DJs

Doc Scanlon’s Cool Cat Combo

Cool Cat ComboIf you have ever been to the Munich Lindy Exchange, you know that we are trying to get the best musicians and bands from Munich and around the world to play for you!

After the amazing success of last year, we are proud to announce that we were once again able to convince Doc Scanlon’s Cool Cat Combo to assemble from all around the world to play for you. They will perform on both the Friday and the Saturday party. Spanning the Atlantic Ocean, Doc Scanlon’s Cool Cat Combo claim home addresses in New York (Bassist-leader Doc), Barcelona (Clarinetist Juli & Drummer Marti) and St. Petersburg, Russia (Banjoist Mikha) and a burgeoning international following. The music they love to play is Hot Swing Jazz & Blues of the 1920’s, 30’s & 40’s, and they excel at the dance rhythms of that colorful period. As you will able to tell, they also have a LOT of fun playing together. Each member has distinctive personalities that come across in all their live performance.

Swing Lyons

Swing LyonsFor the Welcome Party at Hofbräuhaus, we were able to book a very fine Munich Band that has played for us dancers many times: The Swing Lyons! We had the pleasure of their appearance for example at the Long Night of Music, several instances of the Lalaclub and this year at Christine’s birthday party. The Swing Lyons are musicians that come from both Munich and Lyons (France) – hence the name. Their specialty is what is called „Gypsy Swing“ in the style of Django Reinhard, Stéphane Grappelli and the Hot Club de France.

The Souvenirs

Our favorite Munich fun band will also join us for some amazing music – the Souvenirs are unique with their quirky style and amazing performance. They will be playing for us during the Swing Lunch – and maybe they join us during the city tour.


For one of the nights, we will hear great music from shellack records by Stephan Wuthe  from Berlin.
He will be joined by other DJ’s such as by Mr. Florian Freund and Jens with their greatest schellacks.


Also, if you want to secure one of our volunteer DJ slots, feel free to send an eMail to our DJ coordinator. As in the past year, we will try to fit two volunteers DJs per night. That way, you can easily coordinate with the other DJ – and also have more than enough time on the other nights to dance and enjoy the music of our other DJs and bands.